Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Pest Watch: A Webinar with Todd Murray

Invasive species such as zebra mussels can have a huge impact on waters, and our economy. But why and how does a species become invasive? Surely, hundreds of foreign plants and animals are constantly being introduced to our increasingly interconnected world–yet only a handful pose a problem.

This webinar, by…

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Last Anode Video!

Nigel Barron of CSR Marine tells us why aluminum anodes are a great alternative to zinc!

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Bill Baker on Aluminum Anodes

Bill Baker on why he uses Martyr Aluminum Anodes
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Martyr Anode Testimonial

Watch our very own, Peter Schrappen give a testimonial for Martyr Anodes!
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Another Aluminum Anode Testimonial!

Phil Riise tells us why Aluminum Anodes are a win-win-win for your boat, your wallet, and the environment!
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Congrats Canal Boatyard!

As a boatyard that has been around for over forty years, Canal Boatyard has continued to be a pioneer in environmental stewardship and responsibility. It was their attention to detail concerning critical issues such as habitat conservation, waste management, storm water controls, and emergency preparedness that earned… Read more »

Ryan Hansen on Aluminum Anodes

Ryan Hansen of Dunato’s Boatyard gave us a great overview of the many benefits that aluminum anodes can have for your boat and the environment.

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Aluminum Anodes with Tiel Riise

Recently, we caught up with Tiel Riise of Seaview boatyard to talk about the benefits of aluminum anodes.
Want to learn more about aluminum anodes? Come visit the Clean Boating Foundation booth from January 25th to February 2nd.

Congrats Swantown Boatworks!

Swantown Marina and Boatyard has renewed their commitment to the environment by being our sixth boatyard re-certified as Leadership Clean. When meeting with Swantown Marina’s Bruce Marshall, I was particularly impressed by the high level of environmental safety training that was occurring at Swantown. Annually, Swantown Marina conducts a…

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An Interview with Michelle Gaither of the PPRC.

(Author’s note: 2018 has not only brought the reboot of Clean Boating Foundation, it has also meant that I have had the chance to meet a slough of new people working to improve water quality and reduce pollution in Puget Sound. Recently, I had the good fortune to interview…

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