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working towards cleaner waters in Washington state. Partnering with boaters, boatyards, environmental groups, the Washington state Department of Ecology and scientific experts, CBF is a voluntary, market-driven effort to improve Puget Sound and the rest of our waters. We encourage boaters to choose environmentally-preferable products and practices and to use certified Clean Boatyards. We work with Washington boatyards to go above and beyond their legal requirements and we showcase those businesses that act as true stewards of the environment.

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Selected Literature on Copper Neurobehavioral Toxicity in Salmon

Jen McIntyre from the University of Washington compiled a series of citations that demonstrate what happens when copper comes into contact with all sorts of sea creatures. Most notably in one study, even a small amount of copper (10 parts… Read more »

Clean Boating Foundation is hiring!

Clean Boating Foundation is seeking a dynamic program manager to manage the existing programs within CBF and look for new ways to grow the organization. The Program Manager is a key member of the CBF team and is expected to… Read more »

Come find the Clean Boating Foundation booth at the Seattle Boat Show

You love that jingle or you love to hate that jingle. Regardless, it’s “the Boat Show, the Boat Show, the big Seattle Boat Show” time. The Seattle Boat Show starts on January 27 and runs through Saturday, February 4. Stop by… Read more »

Rain, wait, what?

After such a dry summer it almost seems odd to have rain and colder weather again. But cold weather and rain doesn’t stop our Boatyards or Boaters; or Boaters working in Boatyards for that matter.  Just remember rain means storm… Read more »

Loving the Land and Water Conservation Fund

What’s that? Clean Boating Foundation cares about federal issues? As they say in Ballard, ya sure, ya betcha.   First, the facts. The Land and Water Conservation Fund just celebrated its 50 th birthday. The premise was simple: While oil… Read more »

LWCF: An old friend that you may not know of

If you have followed the news about the oil rig that was in Seattle recently, you would think that Alaska and Washington state never agree on substantive policies that involve oil. Au contraire.  Recently, Sen. Cantwell (D-Washington state) and Sen…. Read more »

FREE Webinar: Green Chemistry Basics

This webinar will provide a brief overview of green chemistry basics, alternatives assessments, and the history of regulations on antifouling boat paint before diving into NGC’s first scorecard, Cleaning Up Puget Sound: Alternatives to Copper-based Antifouling Paints Scorecard. Learn about… Read more »

Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation

Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation. May we suggest some New Year’s resolutions? –          Switch to non-copper bottom paint (you know you want to) –          Use aluminum anodes (there is no reason not to) –          Use a Certified… Read more »

Come see us at the Chris Craft Rendezvous

The Clean Boating Foundation will be spending Saturday with the folks at the Chris Craft Rendezvous (CCR).  The CCR is the largest gathering of Chris Crafts around.  We are going to be talking to the owner’s of these beautiful boats about… Read more »

Don’t Assume!

Don’t assume, it makes an a…donkey out of you and me.  Just because a yard offers copper free paint, that doesn’t mean that is what they are putting on your boat.  I was talking to a boat owner the other… Read more »